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Safety and Hygiene Rules for Kids in the Kitchen
If you can help kids understand why it’s necessary to wash their hands, they’re more likely to remember to put it into practice. To help keep as safe as possible, there are plenty of things you can encourage your kids to do.
The safety of the food we consume and offer to our families depends on us
Maite Pelayo, Microbiologist specialised in food safety.
Adequate design and distribution of elements contributes to a better hygiene
Jean Pierre Marty, Specialist in industrial kitchens projection - ADISA Managing Director.
Chef's tricks for a more hygienic cooking
Tony Botella, Chef specilised in vacuum cooking and manager of TBTC (Tony Botella Taller de Cuina)
Decalogue of Hygiene in the Kitchen
Proper hygiene habits are the basis for a safe kitchen at home. The Silestone Institute has developed a decalogue with the keys to hygiene in the kitchen which outline the 10 basic tips to make kitchens healthy and safe.
Egg Day
Silestone Institute brings you tips for preventing risks that may be caused by mishandling this foodstuff.
Health for your pet and hygiene for your kitchen
Tips for keeping your pet in perfect health while you ensure optimum hygiene and food safety in the kitchen.
Although hygiene in the kitchen is not a game, it is child’s play
"The kitchen is one of the places where children spend lots of their time, but it harbours many sources of contamination that can affect their health".
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