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Hans-Werner Bellin, Mechanical Engineer
How the industry can meet the growing demand for safety and hygiene
In his presentation titled "How the industry can meet the growing demand for safety and hygiene", Hans-Werner Bellin, Mechanical Engineer of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), described how technology plays a role and contributes to the scientific research focused on creating products that meet the highest quality and food safety standards. The main priority is to achieve maximum cleaning and disinfection in materials, machinery and products used in food industry.
To achieve this objective, the best solutions are focused by using hygienic design of industrial machinery, best practices in cleaning procedures and antibacterial surfaces that contribute to the improvement of hygiene and health of people. Bellin advises to the food industrial sector the use of specially designed machinery under EHEDG guidelines. And finally, he proposes to final consumers to choose products designed to be cleaned easily in order to prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria.
Conclusions of the presentation
  • Efficient cleanning is a top priority;
  • Rely on best practices in cleaning and disinfection procedures for both materials and products;
  • The design of own cleaning practice is helpful;
  • Look for guidance e.g. EHEDG guidelines;
  • Make use of common sense;
  • Antibacterial surfaces or other food-coatings can improve cleaning results.
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