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Clean Rim The Gap, a sustainable and hygienic toilet
Clean Rim The Gap is the last generation toilet launched with the aim of improving the welfare and comfort of people. This is a toilet with no bridle, thus it has not got corners and this improves and facilitates the cleaning. In addition, its exhaust system from four to two liters of water results in a saving of 33% compared to the existing toilets.
This toilet which favors the hygiene is a part of its commitment of designing product that are more advances in all aspects of consumer’s concern and respond to the needs of users.
Despite this advances, nowadays the company has not neglected the design, with simple, but elegant shapes to suit the most modern bathroom, without sacrificing comfort.
This new toilet Clean Rim, which is part of the bathroom collection The Gap, brings the brand values and commitment to the consumer and the environment: Leadership, Design, Innovation, Sustainability and Welfare.
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