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PFSS A new concept in food safety management

Self-preservation is a deeply rooted natural instinct in humans. Since ancient times, humans have endeavoured to protect themselves, albeit not always successfully, against the surrounding dangers, whether the inherent menaces of a continually changing planet or the hazards derived from co-existence with other organisms.
Among the latter, indiscernible microorganisms have always been a latent threat unknown to our ancestors. At the present time, however, this threat can be largely controlled, thanks to the efforts and accomplishments of scholars and scientists. Certainly the fields where the presence of these microscopic organisms is felt include the food sector, a sphere that requires careful control and monitoring.
Food can be a medium of microbial growth and development and therefore is a potential vehicle for disease transmission. The development and implementation of food safety systems throughout the entire food chain is a right and responsibility for every party involved, from the producer to the final consumer. PFSS–Passive Food Safety Systems–are themselves an pioneering management system and valuable tool to successfully carry out this crucial task.

Maite Pelayo Blas
Microbiologist, food safety expert

PFSS–Passive Food Safety Systems–is a new concept developed by the author, Maite Pelayo Blas, as a distinctive management tool in food safety systems. The concept represents a fascinating line of research which covers all present and future technological utilities that, when applied to kitchens and related fields, help provide an area where food preparation is safer.

The publication entitled PFSS in Kitchens is sponsored and published by the Silestone Institute.

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