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Tips to prevent flu
In autumn launches vaccination campaign against influenza targeting at-risk population. But everyone should take precautions to avoid getting the flu and keep your body healthy.
Restaurant Architecture
In its first paragraph, the publication "A 90 cm above the ground" addresses the basics of sustainable catering facilities. How to start a restoration project?
Construmat’s Innovation Center, the projection stage of sustainable professional kitchen’s new patterns
The essentials of professional kitchen installing presented in Construmat by Silestone Institute: Food, health, environmental sustainability and overall effectiveness as concepts of the professional kitchen.
The book has recently been cataloged by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
The Silestone Institute presents the book "90 cm Above Floor Level" in Construmat

The Silestone Institute provides practical advice to guarantee a safer food comsumption and avoid illness in summer
The Silestone Institute provides practical advice to guarantee a safer food comsumption and avoid illness in summer. In summer, avoiding food contamination/poisoning is fundamental.
Preparing Christmas holidays meals with more than 48 hours in advance may increase the risk of food-borne illness

Maite Pelayo, microbiologist and specialised representative of Silestone Institute recommends general population to consider certain measures to prevent food-borne illness. 

The book '90 cm above floor level' published by Silestone Institute has been selected as a finalist in the international Gourmand Awards
• The book has been chosen as the best professional book of Spain by the Gourmand Awards
• The publication defines the concepts and standards of the facilities of the current professional kitchen attending to the needs of haute cuisine
• For its edition, Silestone Institute has had the collaboration of the leading chefs in the international sphere
A 90 cm Above Floor Level becomes one of the three winners of the Gourmand International Awards
The book "A 90 cm Above Floor Level” has been recognized as one of the three best professional books in the word by the Gourmand International Awards 2014
Architecture and Gastronomy in the Basque Culinary Center fostered by Silestone Institute
"The architect-gastronomic concept of a restaurant" is the proposal of the Silestone Institute round table held in the Basque Culinary Center in the context of the "Dialogues of Architecture and Gastronomy" organised jointly by the two institutions.
The kitchen: focus of attention at the Restaurant Dani García
The kitchen of the Restaurante Dani García in Marbella occupies 50% of the total area of the restaurant. It's a space through which diners pass to eat one of the dishes on the tasting menu. Therefore, the concept of continuity of materials and the sensation of cleaning and hygiene are two important factors of the architectural project of the place. The design of the kitchen has been thought to minimize movements of the 30 people of the kitchen team in order to offer a very transparent service adapted to the maximum to the needs of the restaurant.
They Draw and Cook, illustrated recipes
An original initiative of designers Nate Padavick and Salli Swinde that have created an online platform of illustrated recipes. In it you can find recipes of designers from all over the world, classified by different concepts.
Curbing food waste in the food chain in the European Union
About 50 million tons of food are wasted each year in the homes of theEuropean Union.
Increased awareness, more efficient use of food and good procurement planning can help reduce this waste.
7 basic tips to reduce food waste at home.
DiverXo restaurant: a unique experience for the guest

Chef David Muñoz is renowned for breaking rules in all aspects and not just in the kitchen. His goal is to surprise and misplace. For the new DiverXo restaurant project, the restigious interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán received chef's request to "create an atmosphere and a unique experience for the guest, which left no one indifferent".

Passion for gastronomy transforms the interior of domestic kitchens

In recent years we have witnessed a worldwide boom of gastronomy. This not 
only results in a greater interest for the culinary art and good food. The boom has transformed everyday issues as how to see and understand the interior design and decoration of domestic kitchens, which seem increasingly more professional rooms.


Dialogues of Architecture and Gastronomy: Views from Barcelona innovation in gastronomy and food service
Tha Caravan of Health
Las 10 claves de la manipulación de los alimentos en el hogar
Global Kitchen: a study about the kitchen of the future

The Silestone Institute has produced a report, entitled, “Global Kitchen: the home kitchen in the era of globalisation”, which compiles the main design and usage trends for the kitchen of the future. It will be a hyperconnected space, one for leisure, work, health and relaxation. Not only that, but it will also incorporate techniques and devices normally found in professional kitchens and will have smart appliances.


Science Party - Barcelona 2017

We have celebrated in Barcelona the Party of Science. From Silestone Institute together with Carrefour and Ferran Adrià we have brought there the health caravan, traveling our country throughout the year. The aim is to bring science to the public, giving lectures and workshops on key hygiene practices in the kitchen. 

Latest trends and novelties of the culinary space
The Basque Culinary Center (BCC) has hosted a new session of Architecture and Cuisine Dialogues, organised by the Silestone Institute. The chef and businessman Carles Abellán,-Carles Abellán Group- the architect and gastronome Miquel Espinet -Espinet/Ubach Arquitectes- and Santiago Alfonso -Cosentino Group- have shared a round table to elaborate on the latest trends and novelties of the culinary space. The event has been moderated by Jorge Bretón, professor at the BCC.
The Silestone Institute celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a talk about the kitchen of the future and the publication of a 10-Year Digital Report

The Silestone Institute has celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a talk-colloquium on the kitchen of the future. On the occasion of this commemoration, the Institute has also produced a digital report that collects the contents and activities carried out during these ten years.

The Global Kitchen study is presented internationally

The Global Kitchen study on La Cocina del Futuro, prepared by the Silestone Institute for Consentino, has been presented in London, Milan, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Sydney and Singapore. Global Kitchen is a multidisciplinary international study to anticipate what domestic cooking will be like 25 years from now.

The Caravan of Health starts again with the participation of the Silestone Institute

The Silestone Institute together with Carrefour, chef Ferran Adrià and Disney, are once again on the road to raise awareness among the children about the importance of good nutrition

For the third consecutive year the Caravan of Health will travel over the next six months the Spanish geography to show families the benefits of a healthy diet and some tips to achieve a safer diet.

Supertips to cook with the family at the final contest Cocinando Diversión

Silestone Institute has participated for the first time in the final contest 'Recetas para Superhéroes', in which three families tested their skills as chefs and learned to cook safely. The event was attended by Ferran Adrià who made a masterclass with El Monaguillo, and microbiologist Maite Pelayo, an expert from the Silestone Institute, advised the finalists on how to obtain healthy food and some keys to caring for the kitchen.

3 keys to enjoy an outdoor kitchen

The good weather, the holidays and the desire to enjoy invite you to spend time outdoors with family and friends. If you have a large terrace or a small garden it is time to make the most of it and squeeze the summer nights, cooking and savoring dishes under the stars. The Silestone Institute offers you some keys to design an outdoor kitchen choosing materials that last over time and looking for maximum comfort.

Tips for preparing a healthy and safe Tupper

Sometimes the countless things to do and the speed with which the days pass prevent taking into account whether the food that is going to be eaten supplies all the nutrients that the body needs. To lead a healthy lifestyle, despite eating away from home, the Silestone Institute encourages the planning and management of food in a correct and safe way.

Keep your kitchen clean and safe!

Maintaining order and cleanliness in the kitchen is the first step before preparing any recipe. Over time, this space has evolved to become a space where we stay more hours and, sometimes, we are not aware of the importance of cleaning and tidying this space to avoid pollution that could damage food. For this reason, it is essential to use appropriate cleaning products, ventilate well and take special with waste. If you want to maintain your kitchen clean as if it was new, do not miss the following tips from the Silestone Institute.

The Caravan of Health promotes good nutrition and food safety among Cosentino's employees

The Caravan of Health promoted by Disney, Ferran Adrià, Carrefour and the collaboration of Cosentino Group, has moved to Cosentino’s Group headquarters in Almería with the aim of celebrating the World Health Day. Inside the caravan, the experts have given informative workshops to more than 200 employees who have participated, since more than 1500 people currently work in the Cosentino’s industrial park. Through the nutribus, knowledge has been promoted to workers regarding nutrition and safety in the kitchen space.​

Synergies between kitchen and interior design: Getting a good atmosphere in a restaurant is the key success factor in Tapas 24 Diagonal-Tuset y La Barra de Carles Abellán

Creating a desirable atmosphere with an intelligent combination of design, materials, lighting, graphics, to convey all the sensations that the customer experiences in a restaurant, have been the basic premises for creating Tapas 24 Diagonal-Tuset and La Barra. Watching chefs cooking has become a show that brings the world of cuisine to diners. 

Design or Functionality in a restaurant?

Chef Paco Roncero and the interior designer María Villalón describe the process of designing a restaurant.
Transmitting the essence of the restaurant to the interior designer and chemistry between the chef and the interior designer, achieving good aesthetic and technical lighting and the right choice of the latest materials that provide versatility, aesthetics, durability and resistance are key aspects in the design of a restaurant.​

Five inventions by women that have changed our daily life in the kitchen

Advances in technology are our attempt to make day-to-day tasks that bit easier. Many inventions have changed the way we live and work in the kitchen and have brought about both small and great revolutions in the domestic sphere.

As kitchen lovers we should be thankful for such creations, behind many of which are women whose contributions may not always be known to the world. These women, whose names are not well known, carved a niche for themselves in the vast field of inventions and patents.

The Silestone Institute has put together a small selection of these inventions below.

Designing the kitchen to avoid cross contamination

The Silestone Institute offers advice on how to design the home kitchen to avoid cross-contamination and thus prevent food toxinfection.

One of the main causes of food toxinfection, both at home and in catering establishments, is cross contamination, which is caused by the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms from a contaminated food, mainly a raw food, to another that is not and that, being already prepared for consumption, does not have to go through any additional heat treatment.

The kitchen in the 21st century: multifunctional, eco-friendly, unisex and connected to social media

The Silestone Institute presents the report “Global Kitchen: the kitchen, the heart of the home”, a publication that reflects how
​social changes and the new lifestyles of the 21st century are affecting the design and use of this room. A multifunctional space that regains its position as the vital nucleus of the dwelling and ceases to be basically feminine. It goes from hosting the most traditional activity in the preparation of food to becoming a space to worship health and wellbeing, as well as the care for the environment. Moreover, social media are the real stars in this space as they are the tools to approach the culinary culture and transform consumption habits according to energy efficiency, sustainability or recycling criteria

The design of Disfrutar restaurant: the success of a creative process that has broken the moulds

As part of the Hostelco fair, a new session of Dialogues of Architecture and Gastronomy has been organized by the Silestone Institute. The chef Oriol Castro - Restaurante Disfrutar-, the architect Oliver Franz Schmitz -El Equipo Creativo - and Pilar Navarro -Cosentino Group- have shared a talk about "Disfrutar. the challenge of designing a new restaurant”. The event was moderated by Xavier Torrents from Innova Projects/Gastronomía & Food Service


Roca, Aduriz and Atala explain the keys of their kitchens in a book about restaurants architecture
Silestone Institute presented the book “90 cm Above Floor Level. Restaurant Architecture: High Performance Sustainable Facilities” at Madrid Fusion.
The Silestone Institute provides insight into the hygienic steps to guarantee food health and safety in the kitchen
The Silestone Institute participated for the first time in the Education of Sanitation of Nutrition and Food with regards to healthcare, which was included in the 33rd Conference of the Spanish Society of Family Medicine and Community, at the Conference Palace of Granada.
8 simple tips for a healthy and hygienic lunchbox
Due to the current economic situation the lunchbox is becoming the ideal alternative to reduce household expenses. More and more workers, students and parents choose to take food prepared at home. But we preserve the food properly? Moreover, we prepare it with hygienic conditions?
Transforming concepts and products into unique experiences: the success of innovation in the Food Service

Chef Ricardo Sanz and Xavier Torrents, an expert on innovation in gastronomy, have reflected on innovation in food service during a debate session organized by the Silestone Institute in collaboration with the Basque Culinary Center. The meeting revolved around Kirei by Kabuki, the first Japanese restaurant in a Spanish airport. The session was focused on innovation in food service from the point of view of business model, product and materials used in the restoration area.

10 Dirty Trends That Prove You Hype Up Hygienic Issues Daily
Here are 10 unhygienic and probably extremely dirty things you do on an almost daily basis that simply show that all of your acts about hygiene and cleanliness may simply be hyped up. You can wash hands after reading this article, sure!
In the restaurant of the future, interior design will be one more ingredient of the gastronomic proposal

Chef David Muñoz and interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán reflect together, for the first time, on the current revolution in the model of traditional restoration and how the restaurant of the future is emerging. The meeting, organized by the Silestone Institute within the framework of the Week of the Architecture of Madrid, has revolved around a specific project: the new restaurant DiverXo designed by Rosa-Violán where Cosentino Dekton ultra-compact surface has been key to reflect in the space the creativity that characterizes the chef.

Correct hygienic habits are the basis of a safe and healthy home
Silestone Institute, as part of his work about good practices and hygiene habits, proposes basic guidelines to prevent formation of infection focus that jeopardize people’s health at home.
A proper hygiene habits are the key to prevent stomach disorders in summer
When summer and sunny weather arrive, people want to enjoy the sun, the beach and holidays. However, it also increases the risk of infection because is the ideal season for bacterial growth.
Improved hygiene behaviour can effectively stop the spread of germs and protect health
Global Hygiene Council Releases 'The Dettol HABIT Study'
Women's hands harbour more bugs
Women have a greater range of different types of bacteria on the palms of their hands than men, US research suggests.
Food Safety: Risks associated with food consumption
Food safety is a must when it comes to people’s health.
Maite Pelayo - Microbiologist specialising in food safety
Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking
A revolution is underway in the art of cooking. Just as French Impressionists upended centuries of tradition, Modernist cuisine has in recent years blown through the boundaries of the culinary arts.
Women, Hygiene and the Family
According to SCA international survey, "family is the principle place where hygiene information is disseminated and learnt, and how mothers are at the core of that process".
The Alimentaria Fair 2014 relies on Silestone for the countertops surfaces at 'The Alimentaria Experience', a new gastronomic space of the Fair
• Silestone is Gastronomic Partner of Alimentaria 2014 • Silestone is the countertop surface where the best chefs show their gastronomic abilities • The book “90 cm Above Floor Level”, edited by Silestone Institute, will be delivered on 31st March and 1st April at the Culinary Master Workshops given by the most influential award-winning chefs
Women and Personal Hygiene: Interesting figures
According to the key results of the attitudinal survey commissioned by SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.), and conducted by the business intelligence consulting firm, nowadays women use more time for personal hygiene and they consider this subject the most important thing in their children's education.
Foundations of the 21st-century kitchen
"Modern-day man has progressed from survival eating to savouring exquisite dishes and choice wines."
Chef Sergi Arola
Food safety in the past: What people did to preserve and keep food safe?
Homemakers used various methods to prepare their food and keep it safe: pickling and preserving vegetables or fruits, curing meat, canning and pressure cooking.
A 90 cm do chao: expansion of the concepts and architecture standards for the professional kitchen facilities in the Brazilian market
• "A 90 cm do chao", the Brazilian version of the book “90 cm Above Floor Level” edited by the Silestone Institute, is now available. • Alex Atala and Rafa Costa e Silva, Andoni Aduriz’ pupil, are the representatives of Brazilian cuisine at "A 90 cm do chao".
The best chefs in the world participate in a Silestone Institute publication
The Silestone Institute and The World’s 50 Best Restaurants have delivered the book “90 cm Above Floor Level” to the more of 500 representatives of the international gastronomic scene that attended the gala where it was announced the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world in 2013.
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