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Passion for gastronomy transforms the interior of domestic kitchens
There are four essential pillars on which these changes are based. First, the distribution varies, integrating the kitchen into the living room, streamlining tasks and using the space more and better.
1. The incursion of a central island is almost forced to separate the living area and the work space, enhance logical and fluid circulations, encourage interaction among several chefs and their guests, have more storage space and the possibility of adding a bar or table in the same module.
2. The second undeniable fact is the exciting developments that have suffered appliances. Now we can enjoy at home domino cooking systems, combining different cooking methods like steam, Japanese teppanyaki grill or induction in a sequence of practical and decorative devices. Surface ventilation hoods, ovens and microwave ovens in small columns or wine cellars of small format that make the use and enjoyment of a wine cellar at home in the smallest space possible are other obvious arrivals influence from the professional sector, adapted to current home.
3. The third key point monopolizes the countertops with innovative materials of latest generation such as synthesized ultra-compact surfaces that create resistant, safe and hygienic work areas for the chef to work easy at home. In addition, the wide range of finishes makes it suited to any aesthetic.
4. Finally, all this has resulted in the style of the room, which becomes wider, lived and functional than ever. Exposed brick walls, vintage chairs and stools, large format lamps, utensils displayed in order but without shame, neutral and elegant tones that help to create an atmosphere of industrial air.
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