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The kitchen: focus of attention at the Restaurant Dani García
The kitchen of the Restaurante Dani García in Marbella occupies 50% of the total area of the restaurant. It's a space through which diners pass to eat one of the dishes on the tasting menu. Therefore, the concept of continuity of materials and the sensation of cleaning and hygiene are two important factors of the architectural project of the place. The design of the kitchen has been thought to minimize movements of the 30 people of the kitchen team in order to offer a very transparent service adapted to the maximum to the needs of the restaurant.
They Draw and Cook, illustrated recipes
An original initiative of designers Nate Padavick and Salli Swinde that have created an online platform of illustrated recipes. In it you can find recipes of designers from all over the world, classified by different concepts.
The passion for gastronomy transforms the interior of domestic kitchens
In recent years we have witnessed a worldwide boom of gastronomy. This not only results in a greater interest for the culinary art and good food. The boom has transformed everyday issues as how to see and understand the interior design and decoration of domestic kitchens, which seem increasingly more professional rooms.
Global Kitchen: a study about the kitchen of the future

The Silestone Institute has produced a report, entitled, “Global Kitchen: the home kitchen in the era of globalisation”, which compiles the main design and usage trends for the kitchen of the future. It will be a hyperconnected space, one for leisure, work, health and relaxation. Not only that, but it will also incorporate techniques and devices normally found in professional kitchens and will have smart appliances.


Science Party - Barcelona 2017

We have celebrated in Barcelona the Party of Science. From Silestone Institute together with Carrefour and Ferran Adrià we have brought there the health caravan, traveling our country throughout the year. The aim is to bring science to the public, giving lectures and workshops on key hygiene practices in the kitchen. 

Latest trends and novelties of the culinary space
The Basque Culinary Center (BCC) has hosted a new session of Architecture and Cuisine Dialogues, organised by the Silestone Institute. The chef and businessman Carles Abellán,-Carles Abellán Group- the architect and gastronome Miquel Espinet -Espinet/Ubach Arquitectes- and Santiago Alfonso -Cosentino Group- have shared a round table to elaborate on the latest trends and novelties of the culinary space. The event has been moderated by Jorge Bretón, professor at the BCC.
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