LIGHT, STONE AND METAL the trends that look to the Center of the Earth

Within the framework of the Salone / Fuori Salone and Milan Design Week 2024  

The Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week 2024 showcased an impressive convergence of creativity and design, highlighting three main trends: light, stone and metal. These trends reflect a renewed focus on natural elements and the essential materials of the earth, bringing a deep connection between modern design and nature.

Walking through the Salone, it is impossible to overlook the remarkable influence of the Mendini exhibition and the Satellite anniversary, a landmark event for emerging talent at La Triennale. Likewise, the artisanal look of Korea at the Rossana Orlandi gallery and at Palazzo Litta with Saco and Eliurpi; or the fusion of high technology and poetry of WE+, of Roca at the Statale and of Actiu with StudioPepe at “Aqua”, Tortona.

It is essential to highlight the impressive immersive installations created to awaken the senses and amaze; such as David Lynch’s thinking room, Nilufar Depot’s time travel, Google’s immersion in color and Paola Lenti’s with Nendo. In addition, the return to the serenity of classicism with SoftHouse at Casa Manzoni or the proposals of Terrasza with IF Design at the Alik Center. And we must not forget the “satellites” of the Salone, more and more distant from the nerve center of Milan, Alcova and Baranzate.


For several years now, the design duo FORMA FANTASMA has emerged as the undisputed protagonist of the most sophisticated and conceptual initiatives. Their driving force is the redesign of our environments from every conceivable angle. This year the EARTHIC® LAB installation was the way to present the novelty of Silestone®XM. For its commitment to sustainability and spectacularity, the space won the Fuori Salone award for technological advancement.

Natural stone, or even the appearance of stone, has once again amazed and established itself as one of the long-standing trend materials, we need the contact and closeness with stone as a connection to nature.

Description automatically generatedEarthic LAB, designers FORMA FANTASMA – Designers: Jesse Visser for Cosentino, Studio Umut Yamac, Edra, Mooi, Cécile Chenais and Laurent Maugoust, Andrea Mancuso, Gaggenau.


The bowels of the earth in the form of metal, all possible metals come to light. Steel, bronze, iron, aluminum…, polished with new finishes and functions, bringing on the one hand innovation and, on the other hand, the exciting reminiscence of a material of ancestral use.

Cornelio Cappellini – Diseñadores: Vikram Goyal, RampinelliEdizioni Design, Cornelio Cappellini, Norman Foster para Tecno, Gandía Blasco, Ritsert Mans, Grob.Design, Depends on Titanium, Form Editions


Although Euroluce, the biannual Milanese event focused on lighting design, did not take place, the world of lighting overcomes barriers and is already a protagonist every year.

On this occasion, the handcrafted light has broken all the creative schemes starting from the root of design connected with the excellence of craftsmanship, from all corners of the planet. Unique pieces or numbered series, delicate and subtle, that catch the immediate attention with their auras and atmospheres.

Eliurpi – Designers: Eliurpi, Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, Candela Cort, Bodo Sperlein, Loewe, Ana Ruiz de la Prada, Maximilian Marchesani, Studio Umut Yamac.

Research and text by Marisa Santamaría for Instituto Silestone.