Research and Dissemination

Research and Dissemination

Restaurant Architecture

Agents involved in any restoration facility, whether social or commercial, are:
  • The location and promoter.
  • The technical team restoration specialist multidisciplinary.
  • Companies specialized construction and installation.
Note that this approach is valid for any new project to remodeling existing ones.
As a tip, you should always be made to study the project as a new one, and then, check what are the elements of the old facility open to customization.
Then it is important to establish the order of performance of the agents discussed above.
According Silestone Institute team, the ideal order is:

1. Initially the promoter with the idea outlines the basic criteria of the facility.

2. The restoration specialist technical team collects this information, provides the preliminary plan and specific program needs.

3. With the collaboration of the multidisciplinary team, the project is drawn global restoration facility.

At this point, the installation companies who want to bid the work should be based on the same project and the same technical requirements. This way, the promoter will have comparable proposals and may opt for the most efficient.
“90 cm Above Floor Level. Restaurant Architecture: High Performance Sustainable Facilities” is a book published by Silestone Institute, whose authors are the dietitian and nutritionist Yolanda Sala Vidal and the architect and ecodesigner Jordi Montañés Biñana.