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The Silestone Institute extends its area of action to the entire home as a transforming space.

  • The Silestone Institute is extending its scope to other rooms in the home,
  • Its activity now revolves around four pillars: sustainability, wellness, innovation and design.
  • To adapt its image to this change, a restyling process has been carried out.

Barcelona, October 20, 2021. The Silestone Institute, a benchmark platform for research and dissemination of knowledge about the kitchen space, is now extending its territory to other rooms in the home. The Institute is an initiative promoted by Cosentino.

The home is a transformative place for people. They need the home as a living space to feel at ease and in perfect harmony. In turn, people’s actions in the home contribute to the transformation of cities and the planet, making it more human, more livable, more sustainable, and social.

Aware of this connection between the home and people and the importance it has in society, the Silestone Institute expands its area of action to research, reflection, and dissemination of knowledge about the different rooms in the home, conducting studies and producing informative publications, organizing debates and workshops and offering practical advice, among other things.

The Silestone Institute now focuses its activities on four pillars:

  • Sustainability to raise awareness of energy efficiency, circular economy and recycling.
  • Wellness to convey health and personal development values.
  • Innovation as a value generator and a tool for improving and optimizing the user experience.
  • Design that links spaces, people, products and generates new uses, satisfying the material and emotional needs of the user.

Restyling of the image

To adapt the image of the Silestone Institute to the change, a restyling process has been carried out. To visualize the change, the original green color scheme has been modified for a range of blue colors more representative of the concepts now encompassed by the Institute. The logo symbol has also been changed to harmonize it with the new Silestone brand identity. The new image has been applied to the Institute’s communication channels website, social networks and communication pieces.

Visit the website to know the new image and all the news and contents about the home space: