3 keys to enjoy an outdoor kitchen

The good weather, the holidays and the desire to enjoy invite you to spend time outdoors with family and friends. If you have a large terrace or a small garden it is time to make the most of it and squeeze the summer nights, cooking and savoring dishes under the stars. The Silestone Institute offers you some keys to design an outdoor kitchen choosing materials that last over time and looking for maximum comfort.


1. Choose the materials well:
Being an outdoor space, it is advisable to make a thorough analysis of the materials that you want to incorporate into the terrace, since they will be exposed to the different weather conditions typical of the area in which the house is located. So, to be able to choose correctly, we must take into account a number of factors: housing area, if it is beach or mountain; the function of the space, if it is going to be a place only for cooking, if it will have a dining area or, even, an area to rest; conditions of the terrace, whether it will be covered or discovered.

If the terrace is located, for example, in a beach area it is advisable not to use metals as they can be affected by the corrosion of the sea salt. A good choice for both beach and mountain areas is to use the latest generation materials such as Dekton, which due to its properties is highly resistant to UV rays, heat and fire, ice and snowmelt, as well as the scratches and spots. A good idea is to extend that same countertop and form a bar, in which to eat or drink while watching the cook. If you want a larger space for the guests, get yourself a teak wood table and chairs, which are a good option thanks to its resistance to saltpeter and to changes in temperature.

2. The importance of storage space:
After choosing the materials, it is time to think and design the storage space of the outdoor kitchen. Make the most of the space, to store crockery, cutlery and food, and avoid unnecessary trips to the interior of the house.

A very useful way to exploit the hole under the countertop is to install drawers and cabinets. If it is a small space, the hinged drawers will allow you to use every inch of the furniture. As important as the storage furniture is the installation of a refrigerator, either large or small, that allows food to be kept at the right temperature, to avoid contamination and to have the drinks ready to receive the guests.

3. Define your own environment:
A characteristic of summer days is that they are much longer. To enjoy, even more of the terrace look for corners and spaces that you can turn into places of relaxation, with wide cushions with waterproof and weather resistant fabrics. As for the colors, choose light and neutral tones that allow you to combine them with other more striking and colorful patterns depending on the season.

Another important detail is that the terrace has good lighting for dinner, so it is advisable to use ambient and indirect lighting, such as LED garlands. In addition, it is recommended to install a pair of spotlights in the kitchen area to have more light at the time of preparing and serving the dishes.

Following these tips and giving free rein to your imagination with the decorative elements, tonalities and prints of the fabrics, you can start enjoying cooking outdoors.