Tips for preparing a healthy and safe Tupper

The summer holidays come to an end, it is time to return to work and to the daily routine. For many, the biggest headache is thinking about what to prepare meals for work and how to transport it to the office keeping food in an optimal state, without losing their properties. Sometimes the countless things to do and the speed with which the days pass prevent taking into account whether the food that is going to be eaten supplies all the nutrients that the body needs. To lead a healthy lifestyle, despite eating away from home, the Silestone Institute encourages the planning and management of food in a correct and safe way.

These are some of the recommendations for a healthy and uncomplicated return to work:

1. Planning: Organize a weekly menu to ensure that you do not lack protein or vitamins. For this, you must take into account the recommended proportions for each group of foods.

2. Choice of the Tupper: Special attention must be paid to the choice of the material of the container in which the food will be transported. Glass, for example, is much more fragile and heavy, but at the same time more hygienic and comfortable since it allows to eat directly from the container. On the other hand, the plastic is lighter, but less hygienic, since it is more difficult to clean when the plate contains oil, fats or some sauce. It should be noted that both materials may be suitable for microwaves, since only the water molecules released by the food are heated and, therefore, there is no risk to food safety.

3. Sauces: Avoid egg-based preparations, especially if it is raw, as in the case of mayonnaise. In addition, the main recommendation is that you incorporate any type of sauce at the same time you are going to eat, this way the food will not rust and we will avoid cross contamination.

4. Emplatado: It is recommended that the tupper is visually appealing, for this it is
advisable to play with the colors of food, not have spices and use sauces
that bring more flavor.

5. Diet: At least one day a week, add vegetables, rice and pasta to your menu since are foods that do not lose flavor or their properties to eat it in the office.

6. Dairy products: Stable and sanitized products are always the best option. Is
advisable to prioritize the use of cured cheeses in front of fresh, desserts or dairy
industrialists instead of landlords to ensure better food preservation,
especially in times of high heat that is when food has worse

7. Preparation: Always be cautious and do not consume prepared foods with more
48 hours in advance or if we have any questions about your condition.

8. Reuse: If you are in favor of reusing the food that you have left over during the day it is
better not to freeze the preparations again, especially if they have been consumed out
of the home, as it could lead to food poisoning.

With these indications you can prepare the tupper safely and maintain a feeding
adequate, which will help to face the day to day with energy, turning the time of rest
at the perfect time to savor your culinary creations.