8 tips to adapt your kitchen to teleworking

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a new need that is here to stay: teleworking. Full time or part time, it seems that teleworking will remain as a new work model in companies.

For this reason, it is necessary to have adapt a space in our home to be able to telework in a comfortable, productive and ease way. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, we offer you some tips to adapt this space to teleworking.

  1. Space for work. Reserve a space in the kitchen to work by reforming and decorating it in such a way that it is comfortable and has all the essential materials to work (laptop, notebook, pens, etc.).
  2. Quiet and soundproof place. Make sure to adapt the kitchen to make it as soundproof as possible to promote concentration and avoid distractions. Or if this is not possible, a good alternative is to use headphones to isolate yourself from outside sound.
  3. A correct connection. Implement a good internet connection and have sockets nearby to connect work equipments.
  4. Fresh and well-lit environment. It is important that the chosen space or corner of the kitchen has a fresh and well-lit environment to promote concentration and avoid irritation to the eyes. The ideal is to have natural light, but if it is not possible, choose lighting that seems so.
  5. Separate the workspace. Find some way to separate this space from the rest of the house. So that those who live in it identify and respect it as such.
  6. Choose ergonomic and flexible furniture. This allows us to work in a comfortable posture, so that we can maintain activity and concentration for longer.
  7. Organize the work material. We can place the materials on shelves on the wall and at the same time store them in boxes or cabinets to avoid taking up space and protect them from dirt. In addition, we can use tags to identify work items quickly.
  8. Save the work material at the end of the day. When we finish the workday it is advisable to keep everything in its place to mentally disconnect from our work obligations and be able to rest.