A 90 cm do chao: expansion of the concepts and architecture standards for the professional kitchen facilities in the Brazilian market

What began as an initiative of Silestone Institute to promote the study and knowledge of commercial catering sector one year ago, now has become the architecture framework for the professional kitchen facilities thanks to recognitions like the Gourmand Award for the Best Professional Spanish Book.

The book, whose leitmotif is the definition of the concepts and standards of the facilities of the current professional kitchen, also investigates the needs of haute cuisine thanks to the collaboration of the main worldwide chefs leaders, such as Joan Roca, Andoni Aduriz Alex Atala or Dan Barber, among others. With the professional experience of the chefs leaders and the contents of the book, writen by Jordi Montañés and Yolanda Sala, the publication offers a multidisciplinary perspective to the current theoretical framework and thus respond to the gap on the subject.

The chefs have answered questions like what are their philosophy of work, which are the facilities of their restaurants that they are most proud of or what would they improve of the design of their kitchens, in order to provide their personal and professional perspective to the commercial catering sector.

For the Brazilian edition, Silestone Institute has count with the cooperation of a new Brazilian chef, Rafa Costa e Silva, responsible of Lasai Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro.

Pupil of Andoni Aduriz, Silva has provide his point of view answering questions such as how the way of his work influences in the design of his restaurant kitchen and its facilities.

The book is now available in Spanish, English and Brazilian, this has permitted the the expansion of knowledge about the architecture of the professional kitchen facilities to the world.