An opportunity to educate children in good habits of safety and hygiene in the kitchen

Barcelona, March 24, 2020.- The kitchen is the center of life at home and it is even more so in these moments when we spend all our time living at home with them. In this situation, preparing a dish or a dessert with our children is an activity that entertains and amuses them while it can serve to instruct them in good health and safety habits.

The Silestone Institute recommends some tips to follow for children to adopt at early age.

• Walk carefully and behave wisely in the kitchen.
• Do not use knives without supervision.
• Use a cutting board to cut fruits and vegetables – do not lean on your hand.
• Do not use the same utensils to cut different types of food, without having cleaned them before.
• Prohibit the use of electrical appliances (stoves, microwaves, etc.) without adult supervision.
• Have dry hands when turning on the switches.
• Turn off appliances when finished using them.
• Use the handles inwards on the kitchen bench or table.
• Always wash your hands before cooking, rubbing them vigorously with warm soapy water.
• Before starting to cook, wear an apron, have your hair tied up and wear short-sleeved clothing or wear rolled-up sleeves.
• Avoid doing anything else with your hands while preparing food.
• Clean up spills immediately. Use a paper towel, avoiding sponges or kitchen towels.
• Discard food that has fallen on the floor.

Let’s take advantage now that we spend a lot of time with our children at home, to ensure that they learn and incorporate these simple habits of safety and hygiene in the kitchen!