Synergies between kitchen and interior design: Getting a good atmosphere in a restaurant is the key success factor in Tapas 24 Diagonal-Tuset y La Barra de Carles Abellán

The CETT, School of Gastronomy, Tourism and Hospitality, has hosted a new session of Architecture and Gastronomy Dialogues, organized by Instituto Silestone. In this session, Carles Abellán, chef and entrepreneur of the Restaurant Tapas 24 Diagonal-Tuset and la Barra, the interior designer Cristina Campoy from Campoy Sinergias and Rafael Luque from Cosentino Group have shared a talk on “Synergies between cuisine and interior design: Tapas 24Diagonal-Tuset and La Barra “. The event was moderated by Fernando Martínez-Conde, CETT professor.


During the session the speakers explained the role of the interior design in restoration, since the success of a restaurant depends on both: its cuisine and its design. For this reason, they discussed about the importance of the architecture of the premises, its design, graphics or lighting, among many other details that must be taken into account for the benefit of a restaurant.


Carles Abellán explained that the most important thing in a restaurant is to get a good atmosphere with customers that allows them to feel what the place inspires, even before getting inside. For this reason, and with the aim of bringing the kitchen closer to all diners, in Tapas 24 Diagonal-Tuset the kitchen is designed with views of the room so that it becomes the center of the space and everyone, from chefs to room bosses and waiters, have visibility, since the success of the restaurant depends on them all.


After his intervention, Cristina Campoy talked about the project Tapas 24 Diagonal-Tuset, who had to manage the project with clear and quick ideas do to the small time to build the restaurant. The inspiration of the project was based on all the sensations produced by Carles Abellán tapas’, since for him, his tapas are life, colour and joy. All of this was reflected into a casual, emotional and modern space.


Rafael Luque, Cosentino’s Design Manager spoke about how the latest generation materials such as Dekton can respond to the technical and aesthetic needs of a restaurant project. In the case of Tapas 24 Diagonal -Tuset a black Dekton countertop was installed. This countertop allows chefs to work directly on it, since it does not scratch and withstands extremely high temperatures. “In Cosentino we work to improve designs of professional kitchens, as more and more restaurants are betting on live cooking, as is the case of the Carles Abellán restaurants,” explained Rafael.


Among the restoration projects carried out with Dekton and Silestone surfaces, manufactured by Cosentino, there are restaurants such as Disfrutar (Barcelona), DiverXo and StreetXo (Madrid), Dani García (Marbella), Mugaritz (Errenteria), Topa Sukaleria (San Sebastían), The French Laundry of Thomas Keller (Napa Valley), Lab of Van Kameren (Toronto), The Diner of David Rockwell (Milan).