The design of Disfrutar restaurant: the success of a creative process that has broken the moulds

As part of the Hostelco fair, a new session of Dialogues of Architecture and Gastronomy has been organized by the Silestone Institute. The chef Oriol Castro – Restaurante Disfrutar-, the architect Oliver Franz Schmitz –El Equipo Creativo – and Pilar Navarro –Cosentino Group– have shared a talk about “Disfrutar. the challenge of designing a new restaurant”. The event was moderated by Xavier Torrents from Innova Projects/Gastronomía & Food Service

During the event the speakers explained the ins and outs of the process of creating the Disfrutar, restaurant. From the choice of the premises and the interior design team to the on-site tests of culinary processes, the distribution of interior spaces or the choice of materials.

Oriol Castro commented that the three chefs wanted to transmit the Mediterranean spirit from a vision of its origins, moving away from the traditional image that is always shown. He also stressed the importance of a good understanding with the interior design studio. As a detail of the process, he explained that, before making any important decision, prototypes of the main elements of the restaurant were built to scale, in porexpan and cardboard, to analyse the best sizes and locations.

Oliver Franz explained that, in this project, having very clear ideas and previous planning were essential. He also stressed that materials are the absolute protagonists of this space. Each of them has been chosen to create sensations. For him, it’s magic when you go through the space of the bar and see the chefs while they are creating.

For Xavier Torrents there are three fundamental aspects in a restaurant: 1) that it captivates you by some concrete feature -such as the open kitchen- 2) that activates your mind 3) celebrates something.

For her part Pilar Navarro spoke about how the latest generation materials, such as Dekton, can respond to the technical and aesthetic needs of a restaurant project. In the case of Disfrutar the great brown-coloured bar of Dekton Kadum it is integrated perfectly in the colours of the space and at the same time it does not scratch and endures very high temperatures.

The Enjoy restaurant was awarded at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.