DiverXo restaurant: a unique experience for the guest

Chef David Muñoz is renowned for breaking rules in all aspects and not just in the kitchen. His goal is to surprise and misplace. For the new DiverXo restaurant project, the restigious interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán received chef’s request to “create an atmosphere and a unique experience for the guest, which left no one indifferent”.

The result is an original, elegant and beautiful space where he has managed to capture the imagination, fantasy and creativity that characterize the chef and where the interior design and the rigorous materials selection have projected a sense of infinity, something that does not end, a concept that is closely linked to the experience of DiverXo.

David and Lázaro raised to Cosentino the difficult challenge of creating a countertop in the dining area, inspired by the 1970s whose peculiar shape and dimension (similar to a kidney) hindered its production.

For this production, Cosentino used Dekton, a next-generation surface, with some features unique to this project. In addition to the aesthetic effect, Dekton and applied in DiverXo and Silestone surfaces offer innovative features which are the result of the R+D carried out by the Cosentino group. Among them: safety and hygiene for food contact -essential for gastronomy professionals-; good resistance to heat and cold, abrasion, stain and scratch; low absorption of liquids as well as durability and ease of maintenance and cleaning. These surfaces allow a large format and recreate any type of materials by adapting to the creativity and versatility of the food project.

Other restoration projects carried out with Dekton and Silestone surfaces are the restaurants StreetXo (Madrid), Dani García (Marbella), Mugaritz (Errenteria), creative space of José Andres (Washington), Sergi ArolaGastro (Madrid), Lasai (Sao Paulo), Twoset (Barcelona), Hotel NH Palacio de Tepa Collection (Madrid), Ashahi (Almería) and the project of the Spanish Pavilion at the Expo in Milan, among others.