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Emotional wellness: 4 trends to enjoy our home

With all that we have experienced these past two years, we realize how important it is to enjoy the little things, connect with ourselves and always seek our emotional well-being.

We spend about 90% of our time indoors. In this sense, the home is our refuge to relax and connect with ourselves, seeking stability, emotional balance and disconnecting from the external “noises” and worries of our daily lives.

The pandemic has taught us that we can be happy in our homes, enjoying the little things, and our spaces both alone and in company.

Staying at home has become a necessity to take care of our body and mind. Giving ourselves a time of disconnection and relaxation to be able to balance our emotional and physical state, counteracting the anxiety and stress of life outside.

Let’s not forget that to achieve this harmony and well-being it is necessary that our home helps us to do so and for that reason, we must try to make it comfortable, always clean, tidy, with natural light and well-lit, with plants that allow us to connect with nature, and with a decoration and furniture that is to our taste and comforting.

4 home living trends to make you feel more at home:

  1. Nesting

A trend that highlights the need to enjoy our home to lower anxiety and connect with oneself.

While it is a trend that became necessary in times of pandemic, it now seems to be on the rise.

Staying at home for pleasure and not out of necessity but rather to be able to lower stress, enjoy the home, catch up on sleep, connect with oneself and spend more time with one’s family or partner.

Nesting is now recommended as a therapeutic activity that promotes physical and mental well-being.

  1. Wellbeing

It is a well-known concept that includes what is good for you and therefore, also extends to your environment. And the home becomes that center of wellbeing both to connect with ourselves and to share with others. Doing activities that give us pleasure and relax us from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From sitting on the sofa reading a book, getting together with friends to watch a series or movie at home, practicing mindfulness in your room or even taking a relaxing bath or shower, for example.


  1. Cocooning

It is a term that originated in the 80’s but is still used today.

A trend that alludes to the action of hiding, taking refuge. And what better place than home to have that feeling of refuge and shelter. A place where we can escape from the problems of the outside to take refuge in ourselves, away from everything that does not do us good and that disconnects us from our emotions.

The digital revolution has greatly helped this trend to continue to be implemented. The rise of TV series, dating apps, online shopping, video games, streaming platforms, etc. are some of the activities we do and enjoy today inside our home.

However, it should be noted that cocooning is a trend that psychologists recommend especially for those people who have a very hectic life and a constant need to plan activities at all times.

But it is a trend that is not recommended for those who suffer from loneliness or who have an insufficient network of social relationships and can cause them to withdraw into themselves and become more and more distant from outside life.

  1. Hygge

The term arose from a Norwegian word meaning “wellness ” and is fundamentally based on seeking happiness in the little things. Some of the practices highlighted by Meik Wiking, one of its main spokespersons, are for example:

  • Turn off the lights and light candles or the fireplace to generate a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. It is also recommended to accompany our activities at home with a lighted candle that seeks to soften the energy.
  • Turn off the cell phone to enjoy the here and now and not be aware of what is happening outside, to really connect with what we feel, with our emotions away from the “noises” of the outside that distract us from ourselves.