Exploring design trends between Paris and Valencia

Interior design that revolutionizes spaces and transforms life within them 

September saw two key meetings for creativity and innovation in interior spaces: the Maison & Objet trade fairs in Paris and Hábitat in Valencia. 

With an eminently commercial presence, both events have evolved to present cultural exhibitions, debates and round tables, featuring the prominent professionals of the moment. In a world that demands constant updating on how we live in our homes, the ways in which we work and the ways in which we enjoy the spaces we live in through new connections with our immediate surroundings.  

We have been able to observe long-standing trends common to both cities and countries. The connection with nature in all its possible ways, the conceptual fusion of technology with local craftsmanship and the processes of transformation of the nuclei of life, such as homes, work areas, leisure spaces, shops and hotels. 

At both events, it is new talents who break new ground, exploring the possibilities between the physical digital world, in which they fuse the latest technologies with craft traditions from all corners of the globe. 

Maison & Objet joins Paris Design Week  

Celebrating 20 years of evolution in furniture design and contemporary spaces in transition. The leading international design event is proud to announce its partnership with Paris Design Week as it celebrates two decades of innovation and growth. 







New talents at Maison & Objet and Paris Design Week – 100% orange waste, 100% seaweed, 100% periwinkle.  Exclusive images for Silestone Institute by M.S. 

Colourful Surreal Worlds: An Immersion into the Avant-Garde Design 

Trend experts Elisabeth Leriche and Peclers Paris captured the attention of the audience with immersive installations that reveal possible immediate futures.  

These colourful and surreal worlds, sometimes with naïve overtones, aroused great curiosity among visitors, challenging conventional expectations of design. Másqueespacio, the renowned Spanish studio, was invited to share its unique and particular universe, deeply connected to this avant-garde trend. 







Maison & Objet Paris – Installation of trends by the expert Elisabeth Leriche and  Future on Stage. KOMUT STUDIO of recycled biomaterials. Exclusive images for Silestone Institute by M.S. 

Material Currents: Exploring the future of materials in design 

In the Futures spaces, alongside new French talents, their research and obsessions with materials made their presence felt. Travelling from the vibrant vitality of 100% orange, to the consciousness of 100% algae and the sustainability of 100% recycled plastics. These materialistic currents are defining the future of environmentally responsible design and its limitless creativity. 







Mison & Objet Paris – Space designed by Spanish designers Masquespacio. Exclusive images for Instituto Silestone by M.S. 

Valencia Hábitat 2023: Asserts its dominance as the most important fair in Spain 

The historic Valencian fair asserts itself as the largest fair in the field of design and decoration in Spain. The union with the first edition of Valencia Design Fest, promoted by the Fundación del Diseny, has further boosted its impact on the city. 

NUDE: Exploring Emerging Design Trends 

Every year, the Nude space at Valencia Hábitat, under the direction of María Fontes, consolidates its position as a platform for discovering new talents from the world of design. This year’s edition features material explorers such as Sargarminaga, which fuses nature and craftsmanship, Intercreo with its innovative fishing nets as a substantial base and Creavalo, which focuses on recycling denim. 

Stone, in all its forms, takes on a leading role in Cosentino’s project in collaboration with the talents of CEU University. 






Nude, Hábitat Valencia – Spaces for new design talents in Spain (new recycled materials) Exclusive images for Instituto Silestone by M.S. 

“Scenarios of the Near Future”: Advancing the Domestic Experience  

Following the success of the exhibition at the CCCC during Valencia World Design Capital 22, we have now seen a significant part of the exhibition presented at Nude. The approach of an immediate future in our domestic environments uncovers a preview of what our domestic environments will be like in the near future, under the perception of the expert Tachi Mora. 







NUDE, Hábitat Valencia – Exhibition “Escenarios de un futuro cercano” curated by Tachy Mora. Images courtesy of Hábitat 

Research and text by Marisa Santamaría for Instituto Silestone.