Good cleaning, order, and decoration practices to enhance well-being at home

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our home has become our refuge and living space. Overnight, our homes have become at the same time work centers, training spaces, places of leisure and relaxation.

We change our way of relating to space and people, where we prioritize present and quality time. We enjoy more being at home and therefore, the importance of decorating and adapting it to our needs.

Paradigm shift in personal care

We have incorporated new behaviors and rituals not only of cleaning and hygiene but also of order and decoration of our homes in order to feel comfortable, enjoy our private spaces, and that they provide us with protection, care, well-being and sense of belonging.

Therefore, it seems important to us to remember that to achieve well-being in our spaces it is important to maintain hygiene routines at home, which this pandemic has taught us, as well as to think about and apply reforms and decorate our home to be more comfortable, feel at ease and in this way take more care of us.

Good hygiene and health habits at home

76.2% of people in Spain claim to have changed their cleaning habits due to the coronavirus. (Study by KH Lloreda)

Remember the basic principles to maintain hygiene at home:

  • Frequently clean our hands, especially when returning from outside.
  • Avoid cross contamination, maintaining the hygiene of food and utensils before, during and after cooking.
  • Ventilate spaces daily.
  • Constantly clean and disinfect surfaces and floors.
  • Apply proper storage of food, consuming it before its expiration date and avoiding its waste.

Decoration and well-being of the private space

It is evident that this pandemic has left us trends in decoration focused on the pursuit of order, austerity and, above all, comfort, but without ever losing sight of aesthetics and design.

Some home design ideas:

  • Renovation, distribution, and enlarging of spaces to combine life and work
  • Incorporation of technology, which facilitates our routine and makes us live in a more comfortable way.
  • Have open spaces.
  • More sustainable spaces, making the most of natural light.
  • Colors and decorative objects that define our lifestyle and give joy, design, and freshness to our environments.
  • Space and a feeling of lightness when renovating or choosing a home.