Feng Shui (Feng -wind and Shui -water-) is an ancient Chinese technique based on the conscious and harmonic occupation of spaceto achieve a positive energy on people.

This science studies the relationship between people and the physical environment on a space and its objects. Therefore, if we apply certain actions in the decoration and order of our indoor environments, we can get that our energy is in balance and harmony.

Experts say that, with a correct practice of Feng Shui, we can improve our vitality, our mood, and our relationships with the people we live with or even solve issues such as sleeping problems or stress.

One of the rooms of the home we have to pay more attention to is the bathroom. since According to Feng Shui, it is one of the most delicate rooms where the energy is lost the most due to the drains and the constant movement of water that makes the energy flow and be lost.

Feng Shui is about the chi energy – the one of people and objects – and the Bagua map – that traces the ideal organization of the space. According to this belief, the bathroom should always be located away from the kitchen and the entrance of the house.

Besides, in this indoor environment, is recommended to achieve a balance of the 5 elements, avoiding, logically, the element water which already abounds in it. Therefore, it is advisable to neutralize the water, that you already have with earth and wood in the form of furniture or floors and in the choice of warm colors in the decoration.

7 Feng Shui tips for your bath

  1. Keep the door closed (and the drains, if possible) and the toilet lid down.
  2. Use the colors of fire, earth, metal, and wood to compensate the excess of water.
  3. Multiply the natural light of your windows with mirrors or with lighting that imitates the rays of the sun.
  4. Place plants, natural or artificial, as they symbolize nature and create a relaxed atmosphere of well-being. Especially Bamboo sticks because they grow almost anywhere and absorb moisture.
  • Putting a salt lamp, a quartz geode or an amethyst one on top of the drain cover, it works as an earth element and help to lose less energy.
  • Place some decorative element on the countertop to bring warmth to the room, a vase with flowers, a decorative pot with colored balls, a bowl with scented flower petals.
  • Try not to have crossed mirrors. There should be a simple one, usually located in the area of the sink.

The way we take care of Feng Shui in our bathroom will be very similar to how we want it to be: clean, bright, new and full of life.