On the occasion of World Health Day – April 7, 2020

How to take advantage of the kitchen during quarantine

The kitchen is a multifunctional space where we not only do our culinary tasks but also carry out other activities that help us take care of ourselves and relax whether we are spending time alone or in company.

It’s time to spend more time in the kitchen!

The Silestone Institute recommends activities to do in the kitchen during this quarantine.

  • Cook and find different recipes, prepare or improvise new dishes or try different flavors.
  • Take advantage to teach the little ones how to cook and adopt good hygiene and food safety habits.
  • Make an aperitif or have a virtual coffee
  • Celebrate an anniversary or an online meal with family and friends
  • Telework and connect with our coworkers
  • Enjoy playing with the little ones
  • Learn well to recycle and manage food to avoid waste.
  • Order and organize the space to make it more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Listen to music and sing without complexes

Let’s share our activities in the kitchen through social networks and video calls with our family and friends.

At these times taking care of ourselves is everyone’s responsibility and while we do so we preserve our health.