March 22, World Water Day

Barcelona, March 22, 2022 – Today, caring for the environment is not only a personal need but also an obligation as a society. For this reason, and to raise awareness on World Water Day, the Silestone Institute offers tips that will allow you to save water in your home.


Technologies that help us save water in the home:


We share some tips to consume less water in the use of this appliance:

  • Run it when it is sufficiently filled with dishes, arranging the dishes well and without overloading it, and in this way, save on water consumption.
  • Use the dishwasher with short programs and at low temperature that allow to save water and electricity with respect to the normal cycles obtaining the same result.


There are different systems that allow using only the water necessary for each use.

Some of these are:

  • Double flush: There are systems that allow you to choose the volume of water flushing with adjustable mechanisms to use the really necessary.
  • Interruptible flush: this system has a single button. If it is pressed once, it allows the water discharge to start and if we press it a second time, the discharge is interrupted. In this way, we can regulate the desired water consumption.
  • Cable push button: A cable that allows different types of flushes to be activated, depending on the button pressed.


  • Single lever: these are those that have a single control and allow to regulate the amount of water needed and to regulate its temperature.
  • Central cold opening: what allows is that the boiler does not turn on and does not spend on heating allowing to save on energy costs.
  • Double control: they have an opening stop (ideal if you live with children) that allows to save 50% in the flow output.


  • Hand-held with wall bracket: with manual and automatic modes to optimize water and pressure by regulating its temperature.
  • Dual control thermostatic: allows to regulate the water pressure and temperature to use the water we really want.
  • High-pressure showerhead: allows to regulate and optimize the water flow so that it flows constantly.


Some of the actions we recommend to take to save energy are:

  • Buy a washing machine that complies with the new regulations for energy efficient appliances.
  • At the time of washing choose to put it in “eco” or intelligent washing programs offered by these appliances in order to consume less.
  • Wait to fill the washing machine with enough clothes, without exceeding the allowed load, before washing to save on water and electricity consumption.

Ideas of technologies and systems that allow to save water and energy consumption and thus not only to reduce the cost in the bills but also to take care of the environment.