The favorite home style and design trends of the young Z’s.

Home Z is minimalist, bright, open to the outside and with a clear delimitation of spaces. 

Generation Z youngsters are relatively conservative in terms of typology, configuration and home ownership; perhaps because they are deep-pocketed elements that seem less open to innovation. Will they be more receptive to current trends in home style and design?  

Undoubtedly, the new generations today have access to a wide range of style and design options for their homes, and what is even more decisive, at more affordable prices.  

Among this freedom of styles, we can learn about the preferences of young people and experts when choosing from this wide selection of options. This is undoubtedly a very personal question, which depends on many different factors and which opens up an endless number of possible combinations. 


Minimalist style of housing for the home 

Faced with this first question, we find that 41.4% of young people agree in choosing a minimalist style as the main trend of their future home, followed by 15% of young people who opt for a more classic style, 13% opt for rustic housing and 11.7% for the professional. The least cited options are the industrial/loft style and retro-vintage.  

In this question, significant differences are observed between men and women: both place minimalist housing in first place, but with very different percentages (36.3% for men and 46.2% for women). 

Between traditional and minimal 


Brightness and comfort are the most important features 

Brightness, comfort, cleanliness?  

Faced with this wide variety of options, young people have positioned brightness as the most relevant element, with 55.8% of responses, ahead of comfort (39.5%) and cleanliness and hygiene (37.7%). The disinterest in design and technological equipment stands out with 22.6% and 15.4%, respectively.  

Once again, significant differences are observed between the sexes. Thus, although both place it as the priority element, women give much more importance to brightness (66.1% of responses, compared to 44.8% of men). 

Simple, light and bright home 


An opening to the outside, a must 

Seventy-five percent of Generation Z considers it vital that their future home has outdoor space, while the remaining 25 percent are satisfied with a small balcony or do not give any importance to this issue. 


Separation of physical spaces in the home: workplace and personal living spaces 

The coronavirus pandemic has intensified the debate on one of the key trends in everyday life: improving work-life balance, for which most young people choose to have a space specifically dedicated to work or study. We note that 57.6% of young people choose the office as the ideal space for the professional sphere, ahead of the bedroom (24.5%). 4.6% say that they do not see themselves working or studying at home, an issue that provokes some debate among experts; and only 0.6% choose the kitchen as an area for working/studying.