The Global Kitchen study is presented internationally

The Global Kitchen study on La Cocina del Futuro, prepared by the Silestone Institute for Consentino, has been presented in London, Milan, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Sydney and Singapore. Global Kitchen is a multidisciplinary international study to anticipate what domestic cooking will be like 25 years from now.

In the Global Kitchen studio, 17 renowned experts participated, including the chef Andoni Luis Aduriz (** Michelin in Mugaritz) or Gastón Acurio; the anthropologist of the Harvard University Richard Wrangham, the architect Piero Lissoni or the industrial designer Patricia Moore. As well as other relevant people from the world of sociology, food, technology or sustainability.

Additionally, a survey has been carried out in more than 800 points of sale of cuisine in 8 countries that provides data on the importance that people give to this stay in the house.