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The home of the future is already here: smart, efficient and sustainable

We do not have to wait to live in the home of the future. There are already a wide range of  products on the market designed to make our lives easier at home, providing savings, security and comfort.

Devices such as robots that clean our homes, apps that help us plan menus, smart appliances controlled by cell phones that help us save water and energy, electronic devices with augmented reality to have fun with the family…

The Silestone Institute presents some ideas and product innovation trends.

Smart devices and systems

  • Countertops with voice recognition system, Spotify playback, activation of the extractor campaign, color change of the kitchen lights.
  • Kitchen and household cleaning robots
  • Tablet-mobile-connected ovens and dishwashers that can be programmed and operated remotely.
  • Eco-efficient washing machines with wash optimization for less environmental impact.
  • Refrigerators that keep food fresher for longer.
  • Appliances with wifi and bluetooth to synchronize with other devices.
  • Smart thermostats to optimize the consumption of heating systems.
  • Temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality sensors.
  • Faucets with sensors to control the opening and water flow.

There are also other solutions and ideas to make your home more innovative and technological.

Innovations in home security

  • Electronic key readers.
  • Presence simulators, (with lights or electronic devices that turn on to simulate occupancy in the home).
  • Systems to prevent the burglar’s vision by releasing smoke.
  • Motion sensors.

Integrated solutions to optimize space

  • Toasters or ironing boards integrated in drawers.
  • Folding slicers with various uses for storage in the kitchen compartments.
  • Fryers integrated in the worktop.

Quiet appliances for noise and odor free cooking

  • Extractor hoods with a device that captures all evaporations while cooking.
  • Dishwashers with silent water circulation systems.
  • Refrigerators that reduce noise.