Timeless trends and new paths in interior design

MAISON & OBJET Paris celebrates its 30th anniversary 

In January in Paris, one of the most important events in interior design trends takes place. Maison & Objet opens its doors for professionals from around the world to showcase their innovations for the interiors of living and well-being spaces. 

The technological design Eden – TECH EDEN 

The French Designer of the Year, Mathieu Lehanneur – designer of the Olympic cauldron – is one of the most renowned French designers and has also been the main protagonist of Maison & Objet in this anniversary edition. 

Highlighting Mathieu Lehanneur’s vision and work is a sign and a way to launch an important manifesto; today’s design must necessarily be committed to the environment, to improving people’s lives, and to our closest surroundings. 

The space designed for the occasion by Lehanneur combines design, science, and technology. Each piece brings together various disciplines of design and technology to enhance energy, the environment we breathe, or sensory textures, not to mention the monochromatic visual impact. A pursuit of absolute design, consecrated by Maison & Objet and a reference to the anniversary motto of M&O: and TECH EDEN CONNECTION BY MATHIEU LEHANNEUR. 









Exclusive images by M.S. for the Silestone Institute 

The “Outonomy” project was designed as a living autonomous ecosystem, which was both minimal and energy-efficient. “The challenge was to combine our vital needs with current technologies,” comments Mathieu Lehanneur. 


In this report, we highlight trends situated in timelessness, those that leave a lasting impact that remains strong over time. 

The projects we highlights share an exciting creativity and point to new paths. Amidst the vast array of projects presented, we place value on design from the perspectives of research and innovation, social and cultural connection, and the significance of a steadfast commitment to sustainability. 


Trends and Specific Concepts: 

  1. Curve Obsession 

It is a trend that dates back far and has been firmly established in the 21st century, projecting into the future. 

All designers and brands are opting for rounded and curved shapes in furniture and objects, as if to soften life with sinuous and winding designs. Fluid spaces and elements that bring a new sensitivity. 









Exclusive images by M.S. for the Silestone Institute. Multiple brands and MadameDada. 


2. For New Materials – NEW MATERIALS PASSION 

Paper recycling, reuse of waste materials, repurposing of disused pieces, organic materials, biomaterials… and a long list of possibilities, either produced or experimental. Sustainability has permeated the collective imagination, and even though they may be experimental projects, they represent a very powerful social and cultural message through design. 

Mycelium, algae, marine nets, merino wool, paper, natural stone, rice glass, are the foundation of the explorations presented at M&O. 









Exclusive images by M.S. for the Silestone Institute. Several projects and 3D Weave textiles by Juliette Berthoneau. 

3.Talents in Action – TALENTS TAKE ACTION 

New talents revive craftsmanship and centuries-old traditions, bringing them back to our days with fresh perspectives. 

The spaces and designs by Inés Rir, Emma Cogne, James Haywood, BlueCycle, Seon-Hee Kim, Nazar Pavlesa, Fran Aniorte, Aurelie Hoegy…, among others, demonstrate that talent knows no defined age, only creativity and innovation. 








Exclusive images by M.S. for the Silestone Institute. Several projects and the luminous space by Seon-Hee Kim. 

Research and text by Marisa Santamaría, Design Talents and Trends Forecaster for Maison & Objet, for the Silestone Institute