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We are entering the era of hyperactive interiors

Three key interior design trends for 2023

What is the next step of each transcendent trend in interior design?

At the turn of each year, all of us analysts rush to speculate and predict the evolutionary evolution of the transformation of the environment around us in our daily actions. Interior design has become a nucleus of constant progression, an epicenter of innovation and creativity, from which human beings find new solutions and new aesthetics that suit developing contemporary ways of living.

At the intersection of design, architecture and craftsmanship, the futures laboratories conducted with several international design schools, with professionals and students from more than 90 countries, provide very definite guidelines. We venture to predict the entry into a new era, the era of hyperactive spaces.

The spaces that are being created contain special dimensions that generate stimuli, take care of our health and can calm us down. Designers face the challenge of implementing technological advances and propose spaces that interact directly with people.

Today every office, residence, or public space -restaurant, hotel or store-, should not be a passive space, the new codes dictate that there must be interactivity with the inhabitants or visitors, they are the new ones:





Beyond spaces that generate experiences, spaces that stimulate creativity, imagination or provoke interaction.

They amaze and activate.

  • The impact spaces of External References immerse us in worlds where it is impossible to escape from surprise and admiration.

Scenographic spaces prepared for play, mental and physical.

Store Presented by in collaboration with Silkway Company part of Al Hokair Group. Design by Carmelo Zapulla, External References
  • The hotels extreme their attractions, their scenographic axes to captivate different audiences. Jaime Hayon’s enveloping and colorful spaces capture the imagination and make us travel to his particular, unique and playful creative universe.
Hyundai Moka Garden, South Korea. Design by Hayon Studio

Beyond the relaxing spaces where one must make a mental effort to situate oneself, the step beyond 2023 are spaces studied to provoke immediate tranquility, lower revolutions and calm.

  • Light is the indispensable element for these sedative spaces, environments that become a balm for people. Luminaires with simple lines, timeless classic designs that induce meditation.
Balloon CrousCalogero Collection for Estiluz
  • The craftsmanship of the artisans can be seen in every piece and detail, the human versus the machine, a sense of immediate connection, increasingly necessary.
AESOP Madrid store, design by Ciszac Dalmás

Beyond the healthy components of the new generation of design linked to health, the next step affects the new work dynamics, whether in offices or homes. New designs that promote innovation focused on the definitive improvement of each element of the furniture, lighting or ambience.

  • The main objective is to improve the working life of professionals of all disciplines. Changing furniture, according to the time of the day and adapted to each human morphology, ergonomics and extreme adaptability.
Mobility Step Collection, Design and Innovation Actiu
  • With the collaboration of Cosentino. New modular construction and 3D solutions in the Living-Lab ROOM2030 project. It has the configuration of a house or hotel suite that is installed in four hours, its dimensions are 48m2 divided into bedroom, bathroom, living room and porch. It includes innovations such as smart, active and sustainable materials, advanced health technologies, environmental and energy efficiency.
b HOME industrialized house, design by Sergio Baragaño

Research and text by Marisa Santamaría.