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Trends in design and decoration that favor sustainable living

La artesanía, lo natural, el reciclaje y la búsqueda de lo sostenible cobran tendencia en el diseño de interiores

  • Arts & Crafts, a natural and handcrafted design style.
  • Sustainability and the natural as a priority in the design of interior environments.
  • The search for spaces that reflect and connect the outside life inside our homes with a sense of calm and well-being.


The world is changing and with it the trends in home decoration and design are evolving. The awareness of respecting and caring for our environment is becoming more and more present and, with it, the desire to choose sustainable designs and materials that evoke the natural, the ecological and the handcrafted is gaining prominence.  Without forgetting the growing need to recover the care and calm that we need so much in our homes.

Arts & Crafts

An increasingly present trend in interior design is the Art & Crafts trend that has its origins in the late nineteenth century in Great Britain as a movement of art, architecture and design. In its beginnings it was against industrialization. It was inspired by English rural Gothic and craftsmanship. It rejected the corporate structure and advocated a return to medieval guilds.

Nowadays, this style is gaining prominence and stands out for the choice of handcrafted pieces created with natural and recycled materials, with soft contours, simple and irregular lines and neutral and warm colors, leaving aside the most polluting products. It seeks to decorate environments with natural materials such as rattan, reclaimed wood and other raw materials that favor sustainability and recycling in a functional and attractive design.

The need to connect with nature

The need to connect with nature is spreading even when we are inside our homes. The connection with nature is more and more present in the design and decoration of our environments, both in the choice of decorative elements, such as plants or flower vases

the choice of decorative elements, such as plants or vases of flowers, as well as in the choice of colors and patterns: preference for green tones or the choice of drawings of flowers, leaves, fields, etc. that seek to connect the outside with the inside and simulate a more natural and cozy environment.

Upcycling or creative reuse

The trend of “Upcycling” has spread both in the field of fashion and interior decoration. It consists of using pieces and waste materials to turn them into a new product. A movement where imagination, the will to save and the awareness of being sustainable take precedence over everything else. For example: curtains that are made from PET bottles or waste fabrics that are reconverted into carpets or cushions.

All of them are trends in design and interior design that seek to support sustainable living.